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Notes from the NWEAC Executive Committee Meeting : February 26, 2013

In our effort to keep you informed we list FYI the discussion elements of our Executive Committee meeting last night:
1. Mike Gordon participated in the WBOL E/E committee meeting yesterday and reports that the County will issue a support letter for the MHR Sustainability Plan. This will add impetus to the many support letters we are collecting from the other 6 counties and many NGOs.
2. We discussed a way to keep the Municipalities involved and up to speed with the many initiatives in which we will be involved…..this is the regime we intend to follow:
a. A focused, short webinar on the first and second months of a quarter, a face to face issue/performance face to face meeting on the 3rd month of the quarter….we will send out a schedule and encourage you to identify a “deputy” particularly so that the webinars can proceed smoothly unlike last week.
Month #1 : webinar #1 (end of April)
Month #2 : webinar #2 (end of May )
Month #3 : Face to Face #1 (end of June)

Month #4 : webinar #3
Month #5 : webinar #4
Month #6 : Face to Face #2

Month #7 : webinar #5
Month #8 :webinar #6
Month #9 : Face to Face #3

3. We have begun discussing an NWEAC-wide “Ban the (plastic) Bag” initiative following the success of our colleagues to the South (Rye, Larchmont. Mamaroneck). Sara Goddard (Rye) has been extremely helpful and provided the theory and practice including resolutions and scripts for engaging retail stores….much of the ground work is done and we can benefit by forming a small task force to implement the initiative….
4. We discussed creating a task force to plan and implement a program to replace street lamps with LEDs. Some of our Municipalities (NYSEG) have experienced pushback on what seems to be self-serving opinions……….however a united front of 16 or more Municipalities might help us with a favorable PSC decision
5. On another PSC issue……we are drafting a petition to the PSC the intent of which is to enable a NYPA customer to buy into NYSERDA Grant possibilities by paying SBC charges. This will help enable our Municipal Solar program to be more successful and to include our School systems.
6. Last but certainly not least, Mike Gordon has provided Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (NYS Assembly Energy Committee head) with information about where and how “Community Choice Aggregation” has been effectively implemented. The intent is to develop a proof of concept pilot and craft the required enabling legislation as a result. It is likely that a referendum would be required for a community to opt in to the program……much more to come…..

Herb Oringel
Chair,Somers Energy and Environment Committee
Chair, NWEAC

Somers Sustainability Series II

We are pleased to announce the second Sustainability Series to be held in the Somers Library as follows:

Town of Somers Energy Environment Committee ’13 @ The Somers Library – 7:30 pm

April 16th Somers Sustainability Action Plan Overview – Mike Blum

May 7th Complete Streets/ Safe Paths – Rick Warren

June 4th EnergizeSomers – Frank Maricic

June 25th Sustainable Energy/Climate Change – Jerry Robock, guest speaker

July 9th Our Land, Water, Air – Herb Oringel , Dan Gadijian

NWEAC Election of Officers for 2013


Election of Officers Resolution

This Resolution dated February 15, 2013 is between the Towns of Bedford, Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mt. Pleasant, New Castle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Pound Ridge, Somers and Yorktown and the Villages of Croton-on-Hudson, Mount Kisco, Ossining, Pleasantville and the City of Peekskill in Westchester County, New York (the “Consortium”).

WHEREAS, the Consortium Municipalities share the objective of establishing mechanisms and strategies for:

1. Implementing a municipal or regional energy management program;
2. Enhancing the reliability of our electric supply;
3. Offering the opportunity for homeowners and local businesses to earn money by accessing features of electric markets that pay for intelligent management of energy consumption;
4. Offering the opportunity for homeowners and local businesses to gain knowledge about their real-time consumption to gain better control over that consumption;
5. Achieving cost and research savings in the implementation of energy management through collaborative efforts;
6. Achieving Inter-municipal cooperation in other efficient ways; and conservation measures in which there is strength in numbers; and
7. Analyzing various solid waste management programs in the region for efficiency and conservation measures; and

WHEREAS, it is critical to elect leaders who have the desire, time and pertinent experience and knowledge to lead the Consortium for 2013.

The following will serve as the officers of NWEAC in 2013:

Chairman: Herb Oringel (Somers)
Vice Chairman: Dan Welsh (Lewisboro)
Secretary: Victoria Gearity (V of Ossining)
Treasurer: Vince Salvatore (N. Salem)
New Programs: Mike Gordon (Lewisboro)

NWEAC Municipal Solar Buyers Group

There are now 13 of 15 Municipalities which have joined in our innovative Municipal Solar Buyers Group in which Solar opportunities will be identified and aggregated with like opportunities across NWEAC.
This aggregation will allow each Municipality to benefit from the scale that our Consortium provides.
The net steps for them is to survey their communities for Municipal Solar opportunities, provide detailed information about them so they can be aggregated and then work with our Partner to develop project plans.

NWEAC Status Call : May 23, 2012 5:00PM

On Wednesday, May 23rd at 5:00PM all NWEAC particpants are invited to a call at 5:00PM.
We will use call-in #s : 208 844 8230, 742814# and discuss the following:
Project updates:
• Intern Update (Dan/Katherine/Maria)
• Municipal Solar Buyers Group (Vince/Herb)
• Grant applications (Maria/Mike)
• Conference projects follow-up (Mike/Dan/Herb)
. NYPA Programs (Joh Markowitz)

Energize Somers Launched : April 21, 2012

Energize Somers was officially launched today, 2 years to the day of the NWEAC Celebration of Interdependence Day and the announcement of Grant Awards for Energy Efficiency from the DOE and NYSERDA. The launch was held in the Somers Town Hall ably led and guided by Councilman Richard Clinchy, SEEC member Frank Maricic and SEEC member Rick Warren. Help and expertise was provided by Patrice Hauptman of the EnergizeNY program. One of the novelties of the day was the reading of winning essays by Somers Middle School youngsters about their views of a Sustainable Somers. This was enlightening and encouraging and a big thanks to Rick for orchestrating and managing the project.

Herb Oringel

March 29, 2012 NWEAC and friends at the Ossining Public Library

Last night , thanks to Mike Gordon, Maria Fields and a small but dedicated support team the vision and potential of NWEAC was put on display for 180 people at the Ossining Public Library. We are sorry not all were able to be there.

We are sure all those that did attend were impressed by the scope and prospects of projects that lie ahead, all of which hold promise for the citizens and businesses within our Municipalities……….very exciting…..

We are approaching our 2nd year anniversary as a NFP Corporation and in a brief chat with Jim Palmer we thought the new Mt. Kisco Library Community Room would be a perfect place for our next Supervisor/Mayor update and the celebration……It will be in the 3rd week of April with details to follow.