Mt. Kisco

In 2008 the Village Board of Trustees adopted a resolution endorsing the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement which is intended to reduce the United States’ dependence on fossil fuels and accelerate the development of clean, economical energy resources and fuel efficient technologies such as conservation, methane recovery for energy generation, waste to energy, wind and solar energy, fuel cells, efficient motor vehicles, and biofuels.

On April 4th, 2011 the Village Board of Trustees created the Energy Advisory Panel and appointed individuals to serve on the Energy Advisory Panel and to further the mission of the EAP:

The Energy Advisory Panel will advise the Village Board of Trustees on all matters regarding energy efficiency, energy conservation, and renewable energy initiatives which will benefit the entire Mt. Kisco community including its residents, businesses and government, and enhance the quality of life in an environmentally conscious way. It will also help to align these interests with county, state, and federal initiatives.

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