Sustainable Westchester voted unanimously

At a Special meeting of NWEAC membership it was voted to change our name to “Sustainable Westchester” thereby initiating the process of integrating NWEAC/SWEAC and other Municipalities into a Westchester wide entity aimed at providing value to members and the citizens and businesses that lie within the County. NWEAC meeting on 11/13/13  Vote on proposed […]

“Energy Action Consortia: Moving Municipalities Toward Collective Sustainability”

CRREO releases tenth Discussion Brief, “Energy Action Consortia: Moving Municipalities Toward Collective Sustainability” published by our colleagues at CRREO, New Paltz (Dr. Benjamin, and KT Tobin), edited by our co-founder Leo Wiegman contributions by Herb Oringel and Nina Orville

September Short Term Events

  Date Subject Venue Participants 3-Sep BOL E/E meeting WP Kaplowitz, Shimsky,et al,  Gordon,Oringel 5-Sep NWEAC Article SUNY New Paltz Benjamin, Tobin, Wiegman et al 4-Sep Blue Marble Project Telecon Alex Mathison, Oringel, Everett, et al 6-Sep SHV Board Mtg Beacon Everett, Oringel, et al 9-Sep NWEAC/SWEAC TBD Orville, Oringel 10-Sep NWEAC/SWEAC WP Orville, Oringel, […]

Climate Action Plan Grant Team

This page will serve as a reference site for the 7 NWEAC municipal partners awarded the $279,800 NYSERDA RFP10 Energy Management Personnel grant to develop greenhouse gas (GHG) and climate action plans (CAPs): A.K.A: “Joint Municipal Sustainability Services” Project Notes (most recent at top) [12 November 2010] Download draft contracts here. [2 November 2010] We […]

Mission, History & Members

NWEAC Mission Statement The Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC) consists of 16 municipalities in Westchester County, New York. Consortium members collaborate to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, save money for our residents and businesses, increase energy efficiency in our communities, enable renewable energy generation, increase economic activity, and align our local efforts with […]

NWEAC is awarded grant

Both of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium’s inter-municipal proposed inter- municipal projects received awards: $100,000 to Town of Bedford as lead proposer to hire a contrac- tor for 1 year to act as project director in implementing energy saving measures across 10 municipalities; $279,800 to the Village of Croton-on-Hudson to hire a consulting firm […]